Charley Pullum

Charley Pullum is glad she chose to do her rehabilitation at Life Care Center of Morristown, Tennessee, after having a left total knee replacement.


It was worth the half-hour drive from her home in Newport, Tennessee, for sure.


“All the staff was so kind to me, and I would highly recommend Life Care to anyone,” Pullum said.


When Pullum arrived at the skilled nursing and rehabilitation center on Feb. 3, 2017, she needed moderate assistance with her daily routine activities that involved his legs – specifically bathing and getting dressed. She also needed some help with walking, balancing, wheeling herself in a wheelchair and transferring from one surface to another, such as from a bed to a chair.


Over the next month, occupational therapists worked with Pullum on relearning her activities of daily living and using adaptive equipment such as a reacher and sock aid, while physical therapists had her do exercises to strengthen her legs and regain range of motion in her knee.


On March 8, Pullum returned home to her sister fully independent.