Matthew Gilbert, physical therapist assistant, with Dollie Young

When Dollie Young fell, she fractured her pelvis and was in need of rehabilitation.


Young came to Life Care Center of Morristown, Tennessee, on Oct. 8, 2019, unable to walk and needing extensive assistance for bed mobility, transfers, bathing and dressing. She needed some assistance with balance as well and was experiencing pain in her shoulder and hip.


Physical and occupational therapists worked to help Young regain as much independence as possible. Manual therapy in PT helped address her pain and get her muscles trained for movement, and exercises with ankle weights and on the Omnicycle exercise bicycle helped her regain lower-body strength. She also worked on gait training and activities of daily living.


Over the next month and a half, Young recovered her independence in her self-care skills and much of her mobility. She returned to her assisted living facility on Nov. 21, just needing supervision for walking and standing balance.


“I have enjoyed it here,” Young said. “The guys in therapy were so good to me. They made me walk when I thought I never would again. And I am without pain!”