Left to right: Scott Hunt, executive director; Kathy Green, assistant director of nursing; Larry Shipe, certified nursing assistant; Valerie Talley, director of nursing; and Jennifer Solomon, regional vice president

On Oct. 18, 2018, Life Care Center of Morristown Certified Nursing Assistant Larry Shipe was named CNA of the Year for parent company Life Care Centers of America’s Appalachian Region.


The award was given at the region’s annual Rewarding Excellence banquet, held in the dining room of Life Care Center of Morristown, Tennessee. Each year, skilled nursing and rehabilitation centers in the region bestow three facility-level CNA of the Year awards and a Team Spirit Award. These winners are then eligible for the region-wide award.


Jennifer Solomon, regional vice president, presented the award to Shipe and told the audience how he is often seen singing with the residents and associates on any given day.


“His attitude is infectious to all he meets,” said Solomon. “It is people like Larry who are the backbone of the Life Care way.”


Scott Hunt, executive director at Life Care Center of Morristown, was ecstatic that Shipe won the award.


“Larry deserved it very much,” said Hunt. “Whenever residents see him, they just smile. He’s a really positive person who truly gives people a great feeling when they’re around him. He’s always walking down the hall whistling and singing. People are just drawn to him.”


Shipe has worked at the facility for approximately five years and said he has loved every minute of it.


“Our team has a family atmosphere, and that makes my job so pleasant,” said Shipe. “I just like to love on our residents and show them I care. My parents were the same way. I guess it’s just in my blood. I want to thank Life Care for this opportunity! I truly am speechless.”